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Reviews for "The Chalice of Marfa"

funny shyt, pretty great job on the drawing and voice.

The animation was great, the game play was fun and I liked the variety, great storyline. plus it is based off one of my favorite animes! I don't have sound, so I can't comment on voice acting or music, but screw it. 5/5

I really love this game.
Also I noticed the animation looked alot like "How it should have ended" on youtube. Is that a coincidence?

BoobMarley responds:

None of the animation looks like "How It Should Have Ended", are you retarded?

the hints we get on who the lynch is really do not help.
2 of your hints are accusations of who the lynch is
2 of your hints are that those people would not lie to you
1 hint is that the lynch lies
1 hint is just claimbing hes not the lynch
you cant trust anybody's word and are forced to just take a random guess

BoobMarley responds:

What did I say about discussing the puzzles in your reviews?
If you are having trouble understanding something, please refer to the quick guide that is also mentioned in the Author Comments.

I know you can't write, but do you even read?

Best game I've played in years. Super nostalgic, feels like the games I played when I was younger