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Reviews for "The Chalice of Marfa"

Great game, just a few minor quibbles.
If you go down the hall past the elf-sealed door, then go back, not only can you take another apple each time you do it, you can also confuse the hell out of the music and make it double-layer itself.
The medals won't unlock during gameplay for me some of the time. I think I needed to right-click and hit "Play" at some point to make them work again but I'm not quite sure if that was what caused it.

BoobMarley responds:

Not sure what the deal with your medals is, seem to working fine for everyone else.
Way to go on unlocking secret infinite apples, really gaming the system there, haha. I knew about that and the music before uploading (thanks RobsNCoppers) but decided that it didn't matter. Sorry that it mattered to you, your agony was a risk I willing to take.
Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback though, it is always appreciated, and I really hope you got a kick out of the game.

This is a great game. Clever Layton-like puzzles, and I love how this game rewards you for getting someone killed or being stupid. I can't get off my head the "Lich is a Bitch" line.
The only thing I recomend is adding some subtitles (I usually use my computer late at night, and I don't want to wake anyone up). It would be nice, but is your game.
I just loved the voice acting. The art is pleasing, I LOVED the clothes.
And I cried laughing. So funny. Disturbingly funny.
So, that was my review. Please, forgive my poor English.

BoobMarley responds:

Your English is better than most people's for whom it is their first language. Well, Americans at least.

Found me's a secret bonus thingy in the hall

BoobMarley responds:

godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddAMNIT EMILIE

Great game. Short and easy, but good. But I don't understand the jokes that were made about the lich that the lich should've caught on ["A lich is a cunning and undead warrior...oh shut up Deedlit, we know you're the lich."] How are those jokes at the lich's expense?

BoobMarley responds:

They are now at your expense.

I want a sequel. This was very clever and pretty funny too. I thoroughly enjoyed the classic rpg references as well.