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Reviews for "The Chalice of Marfa"

This was an incredibly hilarious game!

Different and original when compared to most of the games released here, with quirky and witty humor, well thought-out and very fun. And it even has some replay value in case you accidentally did things right on your first playthrough and want to get some medals that you skept.
Really great, man. Kudos to you.

The only thing that I could mention for improvement are the dialogues, which were just a few and not quite clear as regards sound quality.

It would be great to see another game like this in the future.

Nice drawing, voice acting, and good story! But kinda disappointed with the linear story. I thought by killing some of the characters will make difference with the story. It's still good anyway, you gotta make some more!

BoobMarley responds:

You sure you killed them all?...

I liked the gameplay mechanics, but I thought it was too gory and violent.

BoobMarley responds:

This comment is the absolute best endorsement / advertisement this game could ever have.

Hilarious point-and-click puzzle game. The cut scenes were well-made, the voices were hilarious, as well as the story. Also, the mini-game part was one of the best. I also liked that little secret easter egg. (You want to find it? Find it for yourself, you cheater. >:c)

The medals were also clever, and here's a fun story for everyone to poke fun at my ignorance. I had to replay the whole game for the "We died for the chalice" medal, when I had it already. Ha ha ha....

I also like how the Parn medal is handed to you just for sticking around till after the credits. Now we have a reason to watch the credits! Huzzah!

Great game, I hope that you make a sequel of some sorts, with Parn as a character! (Or maybe Parn was a hint towards the sequel. :o)

This choose your own destiny type game is hilariously awesome!
I thoroughly enjoyed all of the tongue in cheek humor as well as the old school adventure game type drawings and music. Great stuff.
The inclusion of mini games was a fun idea, and made the experience all the much more enjoyable.
My only gripe is that I wish the game were longer and had more stuff to interact with to get my heroes into trouble ;D
Anyway, I really think you're onto something with this humorous adventure and I hope you make more like it down the road.
Keep up the amazing work!