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Reviews for "The Chalice of Marfa"

Pretty damn awesome for your first game.
two things that really bothers me though... one that "layton" is a tag, other than "puzzle", and the fact that i have to miss a puzzle's answer on purpose in order to get a medal...

BoobMarley responds:

Games aren't about medals, pal, and they're especially not about ones Yomiel thinks she deserves for clicking on a few things.
Secondly, if you don't think a puzzle game inspired by Professor Layton merits being tagged with "Layton", go make your own. :)

The deductive puzzle lived up to its name! I enjoyed it very much!

One of the best games I've ever played on the computer!!!

is sooo funny when someone die

Really liked this animation style and how funny everything seems to be in this dungeon. I loved trying to find all the ways to kill your friends and trying to find the bonuses. The ending was kinda obvious for me anyways sense i've played a few games with a similar ending but overall really fun game just too short :D

BoobMarley responds:

There are a total of 0 games that end the way this one does, sug. Maybe you felt that first twist coming, but...