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Reviews for "The Chalice of Marfa"

I can't tell you how awesome this has been! I should've known you had something like this in you, congrats man, this game really made my day! Excellent extra, going back to find the other one, and to pick up two 'get 'im killed' medals... I kinda knew it was what was expected going in (from your Author Comments), but I also figured it'd be a nice 2nd playthrough :) Just having the walkthrough readily available, made the game going in very easy, and peril-free, as most budding gamemakers think everything will work out fine, and would leave you hunting off-site for solutions.

An excellent, tastefully done game... 'tie his intestines together', lol. I felt very comfortable playing this game, and enjoying the banter. I liked the marble mini game, the inertia was just enough to befowl a person under the influence ;) All the music and audio was complimentary and far from annoying.

nice game . i liked it . it was entertaining and funny . good job

Boob and his minions have done a great job here. THIS SHIT ROCKS. ONE MORE MEDAL TO GO AND LOOKING FORWARD TO IT !

Bonus scene (doors where Deedlit stay) made it 5star xD

This was good, but that arrow path puzzle made no sense to me, even with the hints.

BoobMarley responds:

Sorry, pops?