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Reviews for "The Chalice of Marfa"

Aw, what are Fix and Bob doing down there?

bada tsss.

BoobMarley responds:

...the fuck?

ahh my god i have not been enjoying a game like this for a while.nice plot man you got me

One of the best fantasy satires I've seen in a long time. I don't know enough about the influences you were channeling to comment, but I enjoyed it for what it is.

Graphics were good. I did have a slight problem with the women looking like men, but the reason it bothered me is only because it seemed to effect my perception of them as characters. Knowing those two are women really improves the chemistry of the group.

Music is solid. Voice acting, as other reviewers have said, is a bit weak, but there were some pretty good lines mixed in. I laughed out loud when I heard, "Uhh... did he die?"

Story is great. Sort of cheezy and cheap, but skillfully crafted just the same. I enjoyed the range of puzzles, most of which were simple and fun. The logic puzzle frustrated me until I realized that the answer was pretty simple if I'd just lighten up. :D. I enjoyed most of the humor, particularly the various twists in the story and that last secret medal. Even the gore was funnier than it was gross.
There was a bit of revulsion at Orson's death, but I was too busy laughing to be disturbed. In fact, I also chuckled when Orson threw out that unexpected bit of poetic wisdom. Funny little oasis of sanity in the mixture.

Also, I'm happy that the two most recent games I've reviewed have solid grammar and writing. Maybe I'm anal about it, but it's nice to see some care put into the craft.
The only thing I took issue with was the mouse avoidance maze, partly because I freakin' hate mouse avoidance mazes. This one seemed to give us plenty of room, but I kept losing at times when I was certain that I hadn't made contact with any of the walls. Conversely, there were times when the marble would actually disappear halfway under one the of he walls, yet I didn't lose. I almost quit, but thankfully I was enjoying the rest of the game enough to fight through it, and it was worth it in the end.

My only suggestion would be to add a "skip" function to the cut scenes. The deaths are amusing, but after you've watched them a few times it gets a bit tiresome, especially while struggling with a puzzle.

Great work. I'd love to see more of this style from you, with any characters in any setting.

BoobMarley responds:

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to review my humble, little game.
I feel like we might have similar tastes in humor and a mutual respect for grammar. I am glad you dug Orson's poetic blurb - I can assure you that it sustained my sanity just as much while making this thing as it did yours while playing it.

I'm inclined to agree with all your critiques and suggestions; I know the voice quality was sub-par at times, and yes, damn that maze to hell. I suggest checking out the guide linked in the original Author's Comments in case you want to play the game again later but want to forgo the agony of that particular puzzle.

Any characters in any setting... I like the sound of that..

Why all the women have men faces?

BoobMarley responds:

They're modeled on various moms from the Newgrounds community.

I actually laughed at the 'secret bonus' and if you know what I mean.

BoobMarley responds:

I do.