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Reviews for "The Chalice of Marfa"

awesome game
Can you tell me how to unlock parn

Hilarious! I loved how you poked fun at everything. Also, some of your review replies are so snarky, I love it!

You sir are a great writer, and your ability to put this funny, thoughtful story into a game format is just amazing. Thank you for this.

Interesting, but the chalice was destroyed...? That was central to the game and its name, seems like they should have won some treasure after all they endured.

BoobMarley responds:

Play the game again and read what is written about the chalice and the whole purpose of the party's endeavor.
Also, you don't get treasure just for risking your life in dangerous scenarios. That's an unrealistic expectation and a total trope.

Good game, but I'd work on the voice recordings. There was a lot of noise going on so I would turn off all appliances, especially lights, in the room that you can. Those actually make A LOT of noise in recordings. Also, try to put up so padding in the room. Nothing special. You can just stack some chairs and put a blanket over those to help prevent an echo. It sounds WAY to much like a recording rather than just a voice in the game.

BoobMarley responds:

This is some legit advice and I really appreciate it. I made a miniature sound booth with foam and a plastic box, but I've never considered turning off nearby appliances (my computer is pretty loud now that I listen to it...).
Sound and voices were the last thing I did for this project, so maybe I didn't give them as much care as they merit. If I can't get them up to snuff for future projects, I'll just reach out to the NG community. Tons of talent here.