Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

A good game with impressive visuals! I've played plenty of these drag-around-and-conquer types of games, but it feels like this one has a huge advantage over all the others in terms of visuals, and the fluidity of the interface. Being able to adjust how many go from planet to planet is a great feature, and the AI seems somewhat smarter here than in the usual games of this sort. Everything is introduced easily, and with those graphics it's really a pleasure to play. Great work!


This game is awesome! But what's with that rubber band AI when you get to level 24? Those levels are hard as tits!

I don't understand how to beat level 33. When the black guys come in, they just have so many units, that everything gets overwhelmed.

Ok, now that i have beaten it on hard, i have to give 5 stars.
At first hard i was like "how the hell am i supposed to beat these?!" - the answer was quite simple: tuning down the speed and some luck (which also includes restarting some levels).
It was quite challenging and the percentage bar was kinda weird, but after all iportant at some times.
I really liked the way the levels itself explain how certain things work and it is kinda funny how the story is kinda "well there propably was a good reason for the 6 towers you dumbo" without any text or voiceover.

I loved the first one, gonna play the hell out of this! hehe