Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

plain beautiful. loved the ending very much!
thank you

Amazing game. Super simple, yet still made me switch to slow mode to beat some of the latter levels.

This game...addictive like crack rock. I beat it, yet I still play it.

The best game I've ever played in newgrounds great job :D
I've finished the game hard mode and it was very amusing. At first glympse I thought this game is boring but when I noticed that the AI of the enemy was so challenging, I never stopped playing! It didn't even let me sleep haha.

A very well programmed game ! Aesthetically beautiful, immersive BGM (smooth whilst easy, tense whilst 'ZOMGTHAHELLBLACKSWARM!?', haha), impressive AI pattern, and like any war, 'there are no rules', haha. Even though the game concept is not the first of its kind, the way it was presented is the real differential 'catch' of achieving such success ! Keep up the good work ! ^^

ps.: to all of you whining about lvl 36, it's not about 'zoning ctrl', it's about rushing. haha. Cheers