Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

nice game i beat all on hard but level 33 wtf is with this level wrong so extream hard

Very nice. You are kind of forced to continually adapt your strategy. Plenty of ways to finish every level. Extremely good for this type of game.

brilliant game, best rts i've played in a while

Great Game! I have played it 100 times...well probably more. I even bought it on google play for my phone. When do we get a sequel?
My only suggestions would be the option to select multiple planets for simultaneous onslaught and perhaps a hotkey for 25%, 50%, and 100%. Other than that this a perfect game! Now we need more missions, more planets and above all more space stations!! WOOT! Can't wait to buy the sequel. you are going to make a sequel right?

Man < Reapers < Reapers' Auntie

This game is simple and beautiful. The "story" was funny after the Reapers showed up, IMO. I fucked up so badly, I damned everyone else. And the reapers weren't as easy. They'd actually regroup or leave a colony if opposition was too fierce. However, if the pursuit of them was too strong, they'd gain control by hitting weaker, unguarded colonies. It was great.

One gripe though; The mission when they first appear, I destroyed all opposition without claiming the Halo Rings. I couldn't progress without it. I felt shafted. Forced to deal that that nightmare.

The game overall is worth a five. it's simplicity allowed for beautiful visuals and sounds to be created while still presenting a challenge. If I gave you any less, it would be because of butthurt for having to deal the Reapers.