Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

Simply awesome. When those black bastards appear, I just keep thinking "Oh shit what the fuck have I done!" over and over. Hell, in the last stage I apologize to the poor fuckers on the other side of the screen when I need to teleport and flank them. I'd wrote fanfiction of this game if I'm younger.

Great work.

Great design and game-play !
Any future development for multiplayer ?

the art work was amazing the little dots moving from place to place was so fluid and I really like the music I kept playing and beat the game just because the music was so good I probably would have rage quit if I hadn't been listening to such great music good luck at steam

We need a medal system for this amazing game!

absolutely aweso ... WTF, it´s 4:30 in the morning! aaaaargh!

Gj :D