Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

Great Game! I have played it 100 times...well probably more. I even bought it on google play for my phone. When do we get a sequel?
My only suggestions would be the option to select multiple planets for simultaneous onslaught and perhaps a hotkey for 25%, 50%, and 100%. Other than that this a perfect game! Now we need more missions, more planets and above all more space stations!! WOOT! Can't wait to buy the sequel. you are going to make a sequel right?

Amazing ! Keep up your fantastic work !


Holy crap, is this one hell of a game. At first, the early/middle levels are a shoe in, as all you have to do, is to just mass attack the enemy, or predict their movements. Yet, with the introduction of the "Shadow" ships, and their instant doomstacks, that's when the game becomes a true challenge. And though my strategic skill is not the best, the feeling of sacrificing my space fleet, to defeat the end boss, gives a sense of satisfaction like no other. When do we get a sequel?

A well done game, love the music. Hope to see a third installment.