Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

Excellent, but what do you do with the stars in the upper right corner?

It's so addicting. I like this type of games. It is not exactly virus game, so it's nice. There are some new things.

Great game simple mechanics but it just keeps showing you new things to addapt to and evolves so it isnt repetitive one great game greatly done.

Really, really good game. The idea is great and the controls really simple and intuitive. The artwork suits the genre perfectly and the music is pretty good. The AI is also pretty good; it can be quite a challenge.

One thing I would suggest though, is to make it easier to adjust the percentage of units. I would probably make it so that it was not mouse controlled, perhaps with arrow keys. It's just that when you're trying to co-ordinate attacks, it becomes much more difficult when you have to keep moving your mouse back to the bottom centre.

This is a very enjoyable game. The simplicity and solid execution in all of its facets really lend to a polished, innovative and entertaining game.

really great game, when the shadow enemies get introduced it really starts to feel like a tactical struggle, especially the last level that had me on a constant rush to contain them in their base while i built up a force for a killing blow

my only complaints are that there should be hotbutton keys for the size of the group you want to move, and maybe you should have introduced the shadow enemies earlier? or atleast added more levels after the mechanic is introduced

and not so much a complaint as a curiosity, why was there no backstory for the mysterious enemy in this one? you could tell by the level titles in the last one that you awakened some ancient aliens with technology far outclassing your own, if you don't mind making a few assumptions you could even say they were behind the starship factories & teleporters, after the force is awakened it lays siege to earth & luna,

by contrast the shadow enemies just seem to appear, their bases end the stage once captured, giving no insight as to their build speed or population , you can clearly tell they are meant to be mysterious due to their color scheme, lack of information on their numbers, and sudden & ominous arrival on the battlefield, but despite that they just seem to be another faction that is faster at making moves with a larger starting force,