Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

This game is fantastic. I loved the first one that I played on armorgames and there seems to be nothing else other than improvements made to it. I got lost for 2 hours playing this and it was time well spent. Love it.

It's the Grox!!! :p

Pfew, this is intense. It starts off as a fun puzzle game with very fancy graphics, with a concept loosely based -I think- on another game I've seen here (something with slime or ants I believe). Yet, quite original in its theme and gameplay.
Every few levels a new element of the game is added, which makes the game more fun and challenging, as it ideally should be. Most of the game's levels are pretty hard, and it seems a fair portion of luck is required, but eventually I always get the job done after several tries. I do have to say though, the game does strain your mind and eyes in the last several levels, because of the many players, orbiting planets and conquerings taking place - you have to see everything pretty fast or you're gone.
Another great feature about this game, is the increasing excitement, in particular the moment when 'team black' makes its introduction. Together with the SFX and music it's almost like a scene from a movie, a take on the game I really liked.

As for the graphics, music and other audio: Just awesome. The music is pretty exciting and doesn't get boring easily, unlike many other game tracks that you hear repeatedly.
Aside from looking pretty, the interface and game mechanics are perfectly clear, and though it loads pretty fast, I've seen no hiccups/lag,

One small thing that I found slightly bothersome, and could perhaps be 'perfected', is that every level always starts at medium speed, even if I set it to slow and press replay; this is too fast, at least for me. I would strongly prefer it if slow was the default setting, or that the game would not reset the speed when pressing the replay button.
Also, what does the percentage bar at the bottom do? I slide it but nothing seems to happen.

I couldn't manage to beat level 34, even after trying like 20-30 times. I've tried many tactics, but once the 'blacks' show up, I cannot even mange to keep the planets I currently have, let alone capture new ones. I think "Aggressive and unforgiving AI" as quoted from the description isn't the least bit exaggerated.
Come to think of it (as I'm writing this)-I didn't try it on easy mode, silly me. I'll give it another shot tomorrow. Big fat props to anyone who mananges to beat lvl34 on Hard mode, though.

How this only got a daily 2nd place, I cannot fathom. It's definitely in my top 20, or maybe 10, of all Flash games, even on NG.

@hotmilk Make sure your web browser and Flash player plugin for it are up to date. If that doesn't work, perhaps clearing your browser's cache might help.

You can't say you've beaten the game until you've beaten it on hard... I just did...

Black Aliens are only hard because they are so fast!

One of the most beautiful games on Newgrounds.Simple,but well done.Not a bad learning curve either.

i'm f****ing CRYING after that ending you get five.