Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

I agree with spirit this game is shit. Here i was astonished that a sequel to my favorite RTS game had appeared reading spirits review sadden me and then hurt even more when i found it was true. First off i don't enjoy the lack of a menu, and the lvls slides just being there it's silly and annoying to look at second with no menu or anything these levels have no titles or names that made the last game fun. What happened the first one was full of life the ships i could actually see rather than them being blurry dots, you kept the explosions but the lasers was what made them cool. plus the planets and background have no life at all. Along with that why should i have to use the slider to tell how many troops to send when i could click and drag as much as i wanted that actually makes the game worse for me. I understand its been awhile and you evn put this on greenlight but ill see how the rest of it holds out but i feel betrayed.

5 year edit here: Even after bitching about this game the first time playing it. I thoroughly enjoyed it ll the way through. I even played it later that very summer as i was off to my freshman orientation in college. I've revisited this game few more times over the year as it truly embodies what a makes an rts like yours phenomenal.
the music, and few colors tells an entire story. And I'm sorry i didn't have an edit button all those years ago.

Just... beautifull!

mission 24 is haard

Very enjoyable.

One of the best flash games I've played in a very long time. There are games very similar but you made it your own and unique.. and better then all the other ones. Kudos to you for making a kick ass game.