Reviews for "Land of Enki"

This is a nice retro game. Overall level design and difficulty is good, however, the bosses are far too easy.

The first boss is, well, okay as a first boss. The second boss actually get easier each time you hit it, because when he's moving faster, you can jump over it without accurate timing. The final boss, well, you can easily beat him without losing any health.

The problem with the bosses is that there isn't any randomness. (Apart from the second boss which randomly hops out of the water from the left or right pit, but you can just wait until he jumps from the pit you're targeting). You can tell exactly what the boss is going to do based on your actions. The fish will always match the height level you on (on a ladder? on the ground?). The final boss will always target you with his fireballs. Seriously, you can just run back and forth, making the battle downright boring.

I think the boss battles need at least some elements of randomness. Let the final boss spawn some more fireballs that are just falling from the ceiling at random positions while he shoots for you, or something like that.

Also, it gets boring collecting 999 Kupons, I'll skip that medal.

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks for the compliments :)

Yeah, a bit of randomness would be a good thing to have added. Maybe have Bagyo always appear at the same height as the player, but if it was random which side he came from the player may find it a little trickier and possibly make the ground below smaller and shorter ladders to make the jumping part something that needs to be more precise. Similarly with Blazer, maybe have something attack you down below while you're trying to dodge and have him switch the side he flies in from be random.

Haha, fair enough. The 999 kupons may have been a bit much to ask, something between 600 and 800 may have been a bit less of a grind.

All good points, thanks for the feedback!

I had a few issues. Mainly I think the sword should not switch when buying a heart, or other item from the store (If you press 1 when buying a heart your sword switches to the default one). That can cause some serious "Oh crap. What the hell?" type situations like the fight before Bagyo that is right after the shop. Especially if people don't remember 1,2,3,4 to switch weapons since the first upgrade is not for quite sometime so that command isn't memorized by the player yet. I also had the same issue as NeonSpider but it was in Zone 3 - 2. My character would keep walking on his own for a bit after a press. I could jump when I wanted during it but he wouldn't stop, or attack until he felt like it. Hearts are easy to come by, and cheap in the store compared to the blue potion which honestly was hard to afford anyways. It was really hard to collect Kupon's in the later stages. I ended up being able to grind the most out of Zone 1 -2 getting anywhere from 50 - 100+ per run through where as later stages I got anywhere as low as 15. Perhaps in the later stages 1 Kupon drops should be removed completely from grass?

I really enjoyed this game. The main character reminds me a bit of Majin Buu if he was Blue, and appeared on the Simpsons. But I think it's just the art style that makes me think of that. The boss fights were by far the best parts of the game though. The patterns were great. The medals were also quite awesome. I got almost all of them naturally without having to grind except to hit 999, and buy the last 2 Red potions that I couldn't afford my first time through the level's. Although I can't figure out what the last secret medal could be. I got everything, and I even went back to beat all the bosses again just to see if that had anything to do with the medal.

TheEnkian responds:

Ah, that must be a bug. I'm pretty sure it wasn't like that in a few earlier versions, we'll get it fixed as soon as we can and then update the file :) Hmm, I'm not sure what causes the sliding problem. Was the game lagging at all at the time?

I think something in the way of more optional power ups and items would be a good call, that way we can maybe put a few of them in the shops but for cheaper prices. Also have more levels to let the player earn more kupons as they play rather than just having to replay the same levels to grind. Glad you really enjoyed the boss fights! I was very happy with how they turned out, Bagyo and Blazer in particular.

Ha, I never really thought of the Buu comparison. He's meant to be a mostly regular guy except with a few fins on his head and no pupils...and he's blue! I'll give you a hint about the last secret medal, it's got something to do with a hidden breakable wall in 1-3 ;)

Fascinating world with shoddy controls. Make a more functional and responsive control scheme, and you should be good!

TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, should the game get a sequel then I'd like to add different attacks like while moving, jumping, etc. I reckon that'd make the gameplay flow a little better. As for the control issues, we can't switch space and up because it would be awkward moving up and down on vines/ladders with space and a down arrow. I'm trying to think of a way to utilise up for both, maybe when not in contact with a vine or chest, up and be jump as well as space?

Great NES style platformer. Easy enough and challenging enough to keep you engaged. 5 stars. ;D

TheEnkian responds:

Hey man, thanks very much! :D

Pretty good game but a bit too easy and a bit too grindy. Unlike what other people said, I don't think there's anything wrong with the jumping however.

I would make max Kupons 500 instead of 999 and award the medal for that much.
I would reduce the price of the third sword to 250 Kupons.
I would reduce the price of the most expensive heart container potion to 200 Kupons.

Increase amount of obstacles and include more enemies and more difficult types. Unfortunately you'll have people rate down a game for being "too hard" as well. I'm the type who prefers a hard game and this just wasn't ... at all.

Particularly in the jumping piranha fish areas sometimes control would become "sticky" and he'd keep walking or jump late or such. Wouldn't always happen though. If I was to guess it's probably because there are too many moving objects at the same time. Something old NES games handled by the famous flicker and/or intentionally removing random sprites if too many.

TheEnkian responds:

Grindy, that's something I'd have liked it not to be :P I would agree though, getting the full wallet achievement takes a bit of patience as you may get unlucky with how often kupons drop and how many drop from enemies.

Finding a good difficulty balance is hard, it seems that this one was a bit on the easy side which is something I'd like to fix. I wouldn't want to be cheap about placing certain things like lots of spike pits just outside of the camera view when there's nothing to jump on to slowly descent. Hmm, I have a few ideas about new, different enemies that would work well in the game.

I've never seem the walking/jump slowdown myself, perhaps a lag issue? Somebody else reported that the gravity gets kind of out of whack if there's lag.

Thanks for your time :)