Reviews for "Land of Enki"

Someone mentioned the possibility of a crouch function, and I'd like to echo that. I just stopped playing at 3-2 because the tiki statues were too annoying to deal with. Jumping the fireballs and the spikes at the same time proved futile, especially with the overlapping ranges. The range of the tiki statues was way too high; I kept getting hit almost two screens away from the statue, especially on the stairs with minions marching down.

And, as always, fix the kupon issue. I didn't buy anything but the first sword, and I still had to grind for the second sword. If the player needs a main item before I can possibly afford it, something is off.

TheEnkian responds:

I think that it would have been smarter design if there were just less spikes so there was more room to freely manoeuvre. Other than the fireballs, there's little reason to duck because the bird stones won't hit you of they're level with you and the pumpkins will hit you even at half your height.

As for the kupons, yup, the next game will definitely have them a lot more easily available. Guaranteed.

I really liked this game. However the kupons system appears to be a bit out of reach considering the randomness of the drop rate and the rate at which I think you've agreed. My suggestion would make the harder enemies drop larger kupon amounts than lower levels.

I did find what appears to be a bug. I beat the game and then decided to give the final boss another go. When I beat him a second time, the game froze.

TheEnkian responds:

Kupons have been a common complaint about the game, probably the biggest one. In the next game, we'll be retooling the drop rates for everything to make hearts drop less and the different kupon types to have different dropping chances and so on.

Yeah, that definitely appears to be a bug. Can you PM me the circumstances in which it happened to you? It hasn't happened to me before and it'd be easier for the programmer to fix if he can recreate it.

Really nice game so far as I've played.
The graphics are really good and the level design is clever.
I'm really writing because I've discovered a bug, I think, I didn't read all reviews to check that.
If I press the jump key right at the jump start, I'm able to jump higher. Don't really think that's intended, but maybe I'm just too rush and should finish the game before reviewing... sorry!

TheEnkian responds:

Whoops, no, that's not intended. Thanks for the info!

Game as ok could be better.
I did not like that I could not equip the last sword in the end.
Getting kupos is hard so I am not even going to bother getting the 999 and maximum health medal.
It would been better than in the last levels monsters and bases would always drop the green kupos and above always instead of white ones.

I liked the song in the forest reminded me of a song in chrono cross.
The ending too left a lot to be desired.
I would have liked that each time I get new sword I would get special attack skill.

TheEnkian responds:

I appreciate you checking out the game. There's a few flaws yeah, the biggest one probably being the grind to get kupons in some cases. Thanks for the feedback!

A decent game.

Story: save the princess set in a fantasy land... 1/5
Controls: Would have liked up to be jump but my preference. Simplistic and very easy to control. 5/5
Gameplay: Found it very slow would have been better if enemies and your character were sped up a small bit. Money was such a mission to farm even with the purple and orange "coupons". 3/5
Music: Really good but makes me feel the game is sluggish. In the first boss fight it got me ready for the boss fight but the actual fight was slow. Also you actually made a good fade when you mute the sound. 5/5 (wasn't the musics fault for the slow game)
Difficulty: Way too easy. Boss fights were repetitive with each boss having 2 moves (unless you count the final boss dropping down to be hit a move) 2/5
Bonus: Secrets YAY! +3

Additional notes:
In level 3-1 the vine everyone is complaining about is the forth one where it is too precise a jump to make. You have to jump so that your head sort of skims the roof. too high you bump the roof and it drops you early and too low and you just miss it.
With throwing bombs, they should explode on contact after they land as well as when you throw it directly with the enemy or when an enemy walks into it should explode automatically or should explode on contact with an enemy and make the player rely on timing.
Make the harder enemies drop larger quantities of money or have some easy way to farm money.
Make the character able to attack and throw bombs while in mid-air.

Could be better and a lot longer with more content.

TheEnkian responds:

Ha, the story is intentionally generic, I just wanted to see what I could do with the game when it was based around a simple story. I figured that it would be either hit or miss for some people, they'd either like the simplicity or hate how generic that it was.

A fair few people say that they'd like up to be jump, but that would really interfere with the climbing having space be to go up the vine and down to go down. As for the sluggishness in the game, I'd really like to improve that in another game. Like you said, give the ability to move and attack at the same time, jump slashes, etc. It would allow for the bosses to have a bit more variation too to allow for these abilities to be used in conjunction with their patterns.

The grinding also is a chore, it could definitely have done with having the kupon rate upped and the heart rate lowered. It would make the game harder and the grinding wouldn't be a problem, which kills two birds with one stone.

I just tried it again and I was able to make the jump from a small window of heights, but I tried it on my laptop afterwards and I think I've worked out what the problem is. If there's a bit of lag, it seems to cause the gravity to play up a little. I thought this problem was fixed and it seemed to be for jumping and all that, but when you grab onto a ladder/vines you slip off the bottom of it faster than you would if you don't lag. I'm not the programmer so I'm not certain how to fix it, but I'll pass the info on.

Thanks very much for the review, I always love the detailed ones :) I say this a lot, but they really do help out.