Reviews for "Land of Enki"

This game is pretty good, though fairly easy. Only real complaint is the grinding for upgrades, as other reviewers have mentioned. Also, I'll be darned if I can find an 8th treasure chest in level 2-3!

TheEnkian responds:

You may need to blow up a wall that doesn't have cracks. Look for one that's big enough to have a cave in it ;D

This is a really intriguing retro styled game, and I enjoyed all of its nuances.
It has an old school Sega Master System / Wanderer's from Y's type feel that is very nostalgic, and the music fits right in.
Well done!
As others have stated, the control scheme seems a bit off, which only deters from the experience a little bit.
The other issue is the length of time it takes to farm currency to buy items / equip.
This is a great game, but I found my interest waning about halfway through doing this.
Other than that, I really enjoyed this game, and I look forward to what you come out with down the road.
Keep up the great work!

TheEnkian responds:

Never actually played Wanderers from Ys, I looked it up there are it look pretty sweet. Yeah, I think it may have been a good call to lower the price of the Sword of Nature in 3-1 so it doesn't require too much grinding seeing as the hearts and bombs drop fairly regularly and it's harder to run out of stock of them.

Thanks very much for the kind words, it's really nice to hear that you enjoyed the game.

great one, but the controls maybe will need to be changed. Maybe jump at "Z" and potion at "space" will be a better choice. Very nice job!

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it :) We did go through a couple of control schemes, I dread to think what people may have thought of a couple of the early ones, haha!

Good game but controll or whatever is maybe hard at first

TheEnkian responds:

We've had a few people say things about the controls, if you've got a suggestion about what would make it easier like having "Up" serve as the jump key or anything just give me a PM to let me know. Thanks for playing!

OK, I don't know what the low ratings are about. I liked it. I admit, it's nothing that hasn't been done before, but it reminded me of some of the great old NES and Master System 8-bit adventure games. The hero was pretty cool, walking around with a sword and a belt of bombs, and he had a unique look. Being able to bomb open the environment to reach chests is another great 8-bit feature and in-level shopkeepers are always useful.

For this sort of game, the control was actually pretty good. Unlike many other platformers, the character didn't slide around like he was on a block of ice for the whole adventure (seriously, what's up with that?), which made it much easier to fine-tune his movements, approach ledges, and prevent from over-correcting on jumps. Also, while he sword looks slow and short, I find it to be pretty adequate. It has a longer reach than one might expect, and it can hit monsters that are up around Kon's head. Aiming bombs takes some practice, but that's natural. The jump mechanic did everything it should. Jumping from vine to vine takes some skill, but it's logical. The hit boxes are sound.

Still, it's not a very challenging game once you figure out how to attack the enemies and jump between vines (with the exception of level 3-2, but more on that below). The bosses are pretty simple, even if they take a bit of focus and timing. Pigasaur is pretty easy. Bagyo takes a fine touch, and Blazer can be dangerous until you figure out how to fake him out.

Graphics: I have no problem with the minimalist old-school approach, but the backgrounds were lacking a bit of flavor. Some trees in the forest would be nice, maybe minor variations across related levels (larger or more numerous trees as you get deeper in the first zone). Maybe some waterfalls in the bridge zone. Anything to make your world more alive and engaging.

Music: The music is awesome. Rich, orchestrated tracks with a slight tribal feel, consistently interesting.

Story: I'm actually intrigued. Not much happened, but we still don't know the nature of Kon's curse, what the guardians are protecting, or what the secret power of the royal family could be. There's a lot more to tell, and I can come up with a number of plots to delve into off the top of my head. This game could be just a prologue.

I did have some issues:

The most glaring problem: the player should be able to DUCK (not sure why this has been left out of a lot of these games lately). I was not a happy camper when I hit "Fireball Alley" on level 3-2. I understand it's about timing your jumps, but there's nothing worse than that feeling that something's coming at you and there's nothing you can do. Having to move around with all of those jumps made avoiding the fire and the spikes all at once a bit frustrating. Ducking in platformers is a basic mechanic.

Second: the player should be able to attack while jumping. There were no situations where the lack of this caused a serious problem, but I kept expecting to be able to jump and swing at something higher up, or to leap up from behind a ledge and snipe at enemies with bombs.

Third: I never collected enough gems to afford the 3rd sword. I had to repeat a few levels a number of times, and I still didn't collect enough money to make it past maybe 300 gems. I just gave up and won without it.

Lastly, the game is fun enough that I wanted to finish it, but lacking just enough that I had no desire to go back and get the rest of the medals, the 3rd sword, and any secrets I missed.

But I do want to stress that they game is pretty sharp from a mechanical standpoint. I ran into no glitches, and everything worked well. There's some potential brimming here, and I'm curious to see if you explore it.

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks for the response, I always love getting a detailed review so I really appreciate it.

We actually increased the amount of health drops because we were worried that people would find certain bits too tough. We'd been playing the game almost daily for about two months so it's kind of hard to judge the difficulty yourself sometimes. The % chance for a heart drop should have been lowered and the kupons % should have been raised to take it's place, yeah.

I would agree, backgrounds aren't quite my strength, haha. If the game does well enough to merit a second one, then I'd like to maybe do something a little different. Have one layer for the background itself and then another more "middle" background that could be a little more varied, scroll at a different pace, etc. It'd give the look a bit more depth.

The bosses are something I'd like a chance to expand on too, maybe give harder ones a bit more of a chance to react to Kon's movements and actions. Bagyo and Blazer do that to a degree, but yeah, it could be toughened up. Maybe if there's 4/5 bosses, there could be more of a difficulty curve as they progress.

500 kupons was too much for the Sword of Nature maybe. Perhaps maybe 400 would have been better alongside the heart drop rate being lowered and the kupon drop rate increased.

Fireball alley, haha! I like that, that's the official name for it now. Yup, definitely the toughest section in the game. Probably belonged more in the final level than the penultimate one. I don't know how the duck would come into play, but maybe have a ladder/vines in the middle to give the player a bit of a break and they can get a good starting jump off it.

Thanks again for the time you took to review the game, all feedback helps us get better. Glad you did enjoy it ultimately though.