Reviews for "Land of Enki"

A perfectly fine 8-bit platformer. Nothing specifically unique - but sometimes a little bit of solid platforming is perfectly fine! Music is great!!

Story is a little meh - and the use of text is a poor way of delivering story in an 8-bit game. Some cutscenes might flesh out the story a little - I only realised Kon was cursed when I reached the end of the game (clearly wasn't paying attention on the opening text - it is a little "yada yada yada").

Surprised anyone had problems with the controls. For the record, I had no problems with the controls. Initially a little flustered that I couldn't swing my sword while jumping - but got over it. Jumping between vines was a little tricky - but when was it not?

Having to go back to levels to grind to get more kupons to buy stuff at Sheepadeep's is annoying - what did I miss some kupons? I know I didn't spend any on hearts or bombs or purples - you can collect all these things in-game (well purples only if you're grinding...). I know many of the old games do this to increase replay value - but maybe modern retro games can get over this?? If you don't miss any kupons and don't spend kupons on other items - then its like a little reward to be able to immediately afford that shiny new sword!!

Hint to those who haven't played yet: once you get sword number 2 of 4, do the Pigasaurus level until you have 999 kupons (make sure you destroy all the grass too - you get about 50 kupons per level). This way you shouldn't have to replay too many more levels.

And once you realise there are hidden areas, they are really obvious... I suppose you didn't want them to be too hard to find? I accidentally found the one with the purple kupon - then when "hah!" I know where another one is!

TheEnkian responds:

The controls are a common complain, but I personally never found them awkward. Everybody likes to play things a little differently though so having it suit the majority would be for the best.

Yeah, maybe giving some text at the start wasn't the greatest idea. An NPC similar to how Nayra is handled at the end (perhaps the King himself?) could have handled it so it felt more like a dialogue than a wall of text.

It was definitely a mistake having prices so high and a lot of the kupons in chests not being high enough values. The vast majority of people seem to be earning the final sword before they get the third! The last one is more for having a bit of fun with, it lets you decimate the bosses in only a couple of hits, but we could have made a bonus level once the player beats the game that has all of the bosses in succession without a chance to heal or something. Just an idea though.

The purple kupon positioning was an intentional clue in itself. Once the happyrocks fall into the pit, I expected the temptation to bomb them to be too much, haha. The rest is all up the player to work out for themselves, they'd be trickier to find by accident :P

Beautiful homage to Zelda II, my favourite zelda game of all times. I think putting some villages, spells or some other things can be mentioned. I plainly loved your difficulty setting, very well done on that. But as you may know, this game is a tad bit bland in its current state. But I can see a masterfully done sequel in this game. Keep up the good work.

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks a lot, those are some really awesome things to hear! The more that people say that they'd like a sequel, the more tempting it gets to make one. Having a non-hostile village, more secrets, NPCs and different abilities would be a must. Probably twice as many levels too as well as some longer ones and perhaps multiple paths to reach the end.

Totally unplayable for me with those key layouts. Horrible! Enable user defined keys! Please!

TheEnkian responds:

What key layout do you think would be good. Let me know in a PM if you don't mind. The more feedback, the better :)

I think a sequel that is more user friendly would be enjoyable. If you could speed up the reaction times on everything from hitting to moving it would be a lot more enjoyable, maybe bow and arrow weapon also lol I did like the "cutting grass" technique.

TheEnkian responds:

Funny that you mention a bow weapon, I was thinking that maybe some sort of non-bomb ranged weapon could be cool, specifically a boomerang weapon. Weak attack, but it's ranged and never runs out. Glad to know that you think a sequel could be a good idea, a fair few people have said that they'd like to see an improved sequel. We'll see, we'll see :)

As much as I'd love to give this game a higher score, I feel like I can't because of some basic flaws I found in the gameplay. I really enjoyed playing this, the graphics are nice the and soundtrack is pretty badass, however it has some problems with the controls a plataformer really shouldn't have.

Attacking is so wierd. It takes so long for the guy to swing the sword and it's troublesome since the range of the attack is so short. This could have been solved by a weapon upgrade which gave a quicker strike or a larger ranged one, but instead you guys made it about an increase in power; a bad move, in my opinion.
Also, you can't attack mid air and that's a real bother. Several times I found myself instincitvely trying to jump attack only to remember this game doesn't have that feature. You can't attack while climbing,neither,which can be a problem in some situations.
Finally,throwing bombs could have been done a bit better as well. While it works fine for still targets,moving enemies are a different story. The arc is a bit too long, which makes it near impossible to use against enemies coming towards you, since by the time you notice them, they are too close to throw the bomb. Perhaps this wouldn't be a problem if the blast range was larger, but it's also small. An alternative solution could've been making the bombs cheaper or making them more easily attainable while roaming.
Another small problem was that to achieve the weapon upgrades, I found myself farming for the kupons, which is a total pain in the ass. Maybe they could've been done a bit cheaper, or getting money could've been slightly easier.

Please understand this is not meant to insult your work in any way, but to improve it, if possible.

TheEnkian responds:

Don't worry, I don't take it as an insult. Getting feedback can only make us do better in the future so it's always appreciated.

A fair few people have mentioned that they felt the attacking was too slow and would have liked some more options with it like attacking while walking or attacking in mid-air. I agree, they'd be good additions. Something I have in mind at the minute is maybe some sort of combo system to do different types of attacks like attacking while pressing down in mid-air will make Kon fall straight down with his sword pointed to the ground to get enemies from directly above, maybe pressing the opposite direction that you're facing makes him do a back attack if you're surrounded by enemies and turning takes too long. Being able to rapidly slash would also be a nice one to add as well.

As far as weapons go, an increase in range and speed for new weapons is a good idea. It'd also give extra incentive for people to go back to previous weapons depending on whether they like playing with a fast character or a character who can hit from a bit more of a distance.

Yeah, I realise in retrospect that some of the upgrades were a bit too pricey. Granted, they aren't all necessary, but for people who like to achievement hunt, it shouldn't be about grinding and farming for ages. It should be more about completing a challenge as opposed to collecting for ages.

Thanks for the review!