Reviews for "Land of Enki"

Great Game!Loved the level animation,classic pizel style and sword upgrade.One question:In level 3-1 when I try to pass the vines I can't make it because the next one is too short.How can I continue?

TheEnkian responds:

Are you sure? I just tested it and it seems fine? I'll ask a few people and see if they had that problem. Glad that you liked it aside from that!

Its well made, but rather underwhelming. There is no real difficulty, and nothing interesting about it to hold my attention.

TheEnkian responds:

Fair enough. The heart drop rate is definitely too high, always knowing that you can restock with ease take out a bit of the thrill.

I thought that the graphics were pretty good, I liked the sprite designs as well as the bosses. Also the backgrounds, they didn't distract from the level and they felt like a nice touch. The bosses themselves got tougher as the game went on so it felt like it had a good difficulty curve.

The music and sound effects were all good. In particular, the Cliff Crossing music was very good because it fit the stage well. It made it feel like you were on dangerous cliffs over the sea.

The game itself isn't too long, but that's good because it seems like it's more for passing the time with. As for the grinding, I didn't mind it, I tended to do it as I went rather than leaving all of it until the end and the secrets were good because they prevented the grinding from being too much. They were nicely placed so they weren't too hard to find, but they weren't in plain sight so it gives you a good reason to play the level again if you miss them. Having stats helped you to find them too because you'll know when you've missed a hidden chest.

My only complaint was that I didn't want to waste money so I didn't use the bombs. It felt like I missed out on using the shops a bit because of the 999 kupons achievement.

Overall, it was a very good game and I enjoyed it a lot.

TheEnkian responds:

It's not too long, but still, having mores levels couldn't really hurt. I think the problem on Newgrounds that won't be a problem on other websites is that it has achievements here so people feel compelled to max out their wallets for the 999 kupons. It's intended as an extra really, but I tend to be a bit of a completionist myself so I understand that saving for that would detract from enjoying utilising the kupons.

Thank you very much for the game. I like almost everything about it. There's ONE issue other than the slow slash: the game maybe too short. The problems about it are:

1. It's a very enjoyable game, so players would want to play a bit more, and the levels are too simple to have replay value;
2. I finished the game, but I'm far from reaching the resource gathering goals (have all swords, all health updates, 999 kupons). Because of nº 1, I don't feel like replaying until I reach those objectives, and because the kupons are painful to gather.

Maybe nº 2 happens because of an unbalanced difficulty progression? I don't know, but I defeated the final boss with the the second sword. Now I have the magical sword and less than 100 kupons to buy the third sword. That was kind of a broken aspect, imo, because final players may not guess the best way to beat the game in as less runs as possible.

Anyway. Congrats for the great work and thanks for sharing here :) It was very fun!

TheEnkian responds:

As far as the game goes, it can easily enough be finished in one sitting. If there is a second one, which is still a hypothetical, I'd like to double the level count and have a few longer ones in there. Maybe make five zones out of it for some nice level style variation. Give people a reason to play the game a couple of times rather than playing it once, beating it and then forgetting about it.

Another idea that I like the sound of is having maybe two exits to some levels so that you could take different paths to the end of the game. Maybe one path doesn't lead to the final level, but to a new weapon rather than having to save up a lot of money for the shop?

People seem to like this game in spite of the commonly mentioned flaws so it'd be nice to expand on the concept and make it the best that it can be :)

Thanks very much for playing it and leaving this review!

Nice game..maybe a thing that can be modified is the retard to hit but is a good game

TheEnkian responds:

People do indeed seem to agree that the speed of the slash is a little slow.