Reviews for "Land of Enki"

Here's my thoughts after the first playthrough:

Music- Nice music selections. The overworld and each of the 3 'worlds' have their own themes. That's a nice little touch and the songs are pretty good, too.
Sound effects- There aren't very many here. Having a sword attack effect is good. Having a "you're hit" sound effect to go along with the blink is nice. What the game could use is another effect to indicate that you're hitting an enemy. I know that the enemy gives a little flash, but a sound effect here would have been nice, as well.
Controls- Controls are responsive and work well. Had no problems with the core moving mechanics: jumping, moving, and climbing. The sword has a little delay, but that actually works well. It's very much akin to the Castelvania whip in the slight delay. It's something that takes getting used to, but it's not a game-breaker at all.
Challenge- There isn't much of a challenge to this game. The enemies move in set patterns and don't do too much otherwise. The bosses aren't bad once you figure out their basic patterns and figure out that their invulnerability frames just get faster/ add more repetition (King K. Rool battle comes to mind).
Enemies- Enemies are ok, but get repetitive. Each world has its own set of enemies that seem to be based on something previously. Each world has a crawler, each one has a stationary spitter, etc.
Worlds- You have your forest world, your ruins level, and your temple level. Basic, but effective. :)
Shops- Shops are alright here, but you run into a problem of requiring a bunch of farming to unlock all of the medals. You need to buy 2 swords and 3 potions (could be off on the last number) to get 100% completion. This requires a lot of extra gameplay simply devoted to killing enemies and just trying to farm kupons. This is going to get very tedious and boring.

Advice for new players: 1) Save your bombs! You need them to get to chests. 2) Don't buy anything from the shops except for the pink life extending potions or the sword(s).

Overall: This is a pretty quick, easy platformer that's a nice play. It's not going to be 'Best on Newgrounds', but it's certainly better than a lot of content submitted to the site. It's a decent game that's worth a quick play.

TheEnkian responds:

Very glad you got some enjoyment out of it and I appreciate the very detailed review, thank you for that. Yeah, I somewhat agree that maybe a couple of the prices are slightly high. I wanted to try and find a balance between not having the prices too high, but not so low that they're going to be instantly bought when the player reaches that shop. It may have been a mistake though.

In order to slightly counteract that, there's a couple of hidden gems that net you a lot more than you'll find from standard enemies and cutting down grass. They give you big boosts so if you can find them, that'd save on grinding. If we make a sequel, depending on how this one goes, I'd like to add a lot more technical things to the bosses and a lot more variations in the types of enemies found and I'll add more items and treasure as well as lower prices for new weapons and power ups.

Thanks again for your review!

The game has nice sprites and music.

Other than that, there are no worthy reasons to play. The controls are slow and clunky, the premise and setting uninspired, the levels devoid of content. Just another forgettable platformer, a shame.

TheEnkian responds:

I would suggest playing as far as the second zone at the very least. The levels do vary and there's plenty of treasures, chests and items to find, enemies to kill, etc. The first level is quite introductory in itself just to get the player used to the mechanics.

I appreciate you checking out the game anyway.