Reviews for "Land of Enki"

Could have been better. I think the graphics were fine, and the music was very orchestratic, I like it. All I have to complain is about the controls. It would have been better if Z was jump and R was poison. The animation needs polish too.
Sword is sluggish, I would recommend it at least gradually becoming faster as you get a better sword.
Level design was a bit lame, but it could have been worse. ;P
This game seems one themed, it looks very much like it would be havig a sequel. Like a fire land, water land etc. but it's your decision. I would like to help/make a fan-remake but I don't know how to code and I can't draw either really. It's OK if you're busy, I understand.
I would have some little suggestions though.
-Animation polish
-More backstory/maybe a sequel
-Kon should be chibi-style on the map, maybe with 2 or 3 animation frames. Basically much smaller, and having a walking animation when "moving" to another level.
That's all about it, if you polish the game I could have even gave a 5!

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I would have to disagree about the one themed comment, the three zones that you go to vary quite drastically, but it would be cool to have fire levels, icy levels, etc.

I would very much agree that my animation skills need a bit of improvement, I've been hard at them over the past few weeks though. Not in time for this game, unfortunately, but hopefully in time for another in the near future!

As far as the backstory goes, I actually have quite a big bag story and some lore for the world written out, but whether it gets the chance to be seen in future games depends on how well this one does. As I've said to a few other reviewers, I'd like to make a sequel that addresses as many faults with this one as I can and seeing as people seem to be reacting positively to this one, it's certainly possible.

Thanks again for the review, all feedback helps a lot :D

Has an underwhelming early 90's nes platformer gameplay to it. The controls have a slow stiffness which isn't helped much by the 2 frame animation loops. It's playable but hardly fun, very bare bones. The music is good though.

TheEnkian responds:

That's fair enough, it won't appeal to everybody. I won't lie, animating is definitely not my strong suit, but I've been working at it so hopefully you'll see something that impresses you more in the future.

Thanks for checking out the game!

This is a very good flash platformer!

The controls are very precise, the hitboxes are reliable, and the bosses were fun, if a bit underwhelming. I also think SCTE3's idea for the boss music was neat; I vaguely remember a game that added bits and pieces to the score for each world as you progressed a level.

I found two gripes, and it's not the vine climbing. (The first thing I thought of the vines were that you snap to them so you wouldn't slide off of them. That was nice.)

The wallet size reminds me of the first Megaman Zero; you had to get about two and a half full wallet of metals to afford everything. Maybe the wallet size should've been upped a little to prevent grinding. I also agree about the hearts. I never used a potion, because there were far too many hearts dropped from the defeated enemies. Another thing (Three things, whatever) was the placement and damage from some of the spikes. There is one spike row in 2-2 that I just found annoying. Also, they should've probably dealt about 2-3 hearts of damage. Make them more threatening or something!

Time to wrap it up on the good points. The graphics were very nice, and brought back a few memories. Also, Pigasaurus summoning enemies... those scary eyes!

The score, on the other hand, was fantastic. Made it feel like an epic journey; just a stalwart hero on a quest armed with nothing but his wits, agility, sword, and of course, high-explosives!

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks for the great review! Yeah, I've mentioned to the programmer a few moments ago that we should maybe make another change for the sake of difficulty which would be to up the damage that some of the later enemies do.

Ha, the Pigasaurus, believe it or not he's a swell guy once you get to know him.

This seems to be a pretty good game. Makes me think of older NES games too.

The graphics are good. Playing some levels over again I found that walls with cracks are where bombs can be used, Best if you use them up close unless you just want half the wall destroyed and a bomb wasted. The bosses were pretty nice with each one summoning a different kind of minion.

The audio was decent. It makes me feel like I am playing an older game. The sword and bomb sounds are very reminiscent of NES game sounds. The boss battle music was smooth and made it feel a bit tense. Would have been neat if for each hit a boss took, the music sped up a bit. Other than that, very nice audio overall.

As for game play. I think having the jump and climb command combined, it would ease some things but I imagine it would make jumping off ladders/vines and other ladder objects a bit difficult since they character would like just grab the ladder again. Could possibly switch the jump and climb buttons though, would make things a bit easier in my opinion.

The sword attack and bomb toss buttons are fine as they are. Nice to see the enemies take more hits as time goes on. Some of the potions can be a bit difficult to get since they are not all in chests but must be obtained by checking everything in the levels, smart idea I think. Encourages the player to spend a bit more time exploring to get more heart potions.

The medals work and are worth the amount of points they should be worth which is good.

Overall, decent game, only issues I really is the jump/climb buttons, and sometimes it seems you jump too high up when you only want to jump up a bit.

TheEnkian responds:

I think the only real control issues that people seem to have is the jump command. We'll definitely need to find some way around that though, still not sure how the up could be replaced on the vines. It would be strange going up vines with space and down them with the down arrow. I'm trying to think of a way to combine them without being confusing, we'll see how it goes :S

Something I've noticed is that if the game lags, it messes with the gravity causing Kon to jump higher, bombs to go further and so on. Not sure what causes it yet, but we're looking into it. Could that maybe be the issue with the jumping too high or was it just the regular jump height that was the problem?

Thanks for the review!

Nice game. Nice controls. But not enough challenging. And the price of items are too high in the last world. I had the ultimate sword before I could offer the 3rd sword (and had to go through all the levels a second time to farm enough to buy it).

TheEnkian responds:

We actually nerfed the game a little before releasing it by making hearts easier to come by and so on in case it was too tricky, but it seems that made it too easy rather than having a good balance.