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Reviews for "Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil"

got all medals too

This game is terrible. The physics are wonky, there isn't even any real difficulty. Making simple jumps becomes IMPOSSIBLE

TROLLS TROLLS so Many TROLLS that's why I like it just like a short Unfair Mario and that was hard

DIWAKAR responds:

Wooot Thanx!

It's fun at first, but it falls short.

I can see you're going for an 'I Wanna Be The Guy' theme here, but the thing about IWBTG is not the traps, but the actual working difficulty. IWBTG, unlike 99% of its fan games, is actually fun because, aside from the occasional trap or two, it's actually a challenging game, no matter how many times you've played through it, or how well you've memorized it, you will still die, a lot. That's why I like Solgryn's I Wanna Be The Boshy; it takes what makes IWBTG work so well, and amps it up to 11. IWBTB was, and still is, the hardest game I've ever played in my life. Not even Ninja Gaiden holds a candle to that one.

So where am I going with that point? When you abuse traps, it creates fake difficulty. When the player memorize those traps, they will virtually no longer fall for them.

Case and point: it only took me 3 runs of this game to no-death it (IQ:600-something), with barely any effort, on a keyboard, with the backwards right-hand-movement control scheme. The difficulty is non-existent in this game.

The other glaring issue of this game is, and lots of other people have mentioned this, the floaty controls. The character slides around too much, making precise jumping very tedious. Tedious, not difficult. It took the first two plays to adapt to the weird physics of this game, but that does not excuse them. Along with the sliding floaty physics, the jumping is also wacky; I shouldn't have to spend more than a second jumping onto a platform. Why am I falling just one pixel short of getting on top of that block (the down-to-jump level)? Why do I have to go away from it to build momentum just to jump a little higher? That strikes me as a bug.

The thing is, if you had just used Macromedia's or Adobe's Flash IDEs, instead of some "game maker" program, these problems wouldn't be an issue. You'd have to spend more time creating the physics yourself, and thus be able to fine-tune them, and build the levels more precisely around the character. That would not only eliminate the terrible controls, but it would also make for finer control of the difficulty.

If you plan to do something like this again in the future, I wouldn't say to emulate The Unfair Platformer, or IWBTG, its flash tribute, etc. But instead, I Wanna Be The Boshy. IWBTB has the most solid controls out of all the "I Wanna Be The [Thing]" games that I've played over the years. This game has devious level design, made precisely for soul-crushing difficulty. Aside from the occasional trap/joke, your deaths are your own fault. This is why I use it as THE metric for judging IWBTG-like games.

DIWAKAR responds:

OOOoooooo !!
OOK Sir!

Im stuck in the jump 23 times part D: . Is there any walkthrough available?

DIWAKAR responds:

Yeah press the ? button