Reviews for "Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil"

Control is baaaaad

the levels would be nice if the controls werent slippery. its also annoying to not directly touch the spikes or slime and die anyways. and my charactor falls through the yellow block on six. : \

I don't think that Cyberdevil will be proud of you.
Take 3,5 for my broken keyboard.

It's actually pretty fun, the control was fine i've seen way worse than this. The puzzles were clever and it was a good challenge.

i never thought i would say this one day but: The youth of today has no respect for the work of the elders (here ID´s D00M) - no really, there might be some weird kind of creativity behind this, but at least it should have a bit more playabillity and some more intelligent aesthetics (xcuse me english)

DIWAKAR responds:

Sorry about that but i will make CD and all the reviewers with next game