Reviews for "Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil"

Quite a basic idea but nonetheless done well. It's quite addictive and there are no extra frustrations that counter the game's adictivness. The soundtrack is briliant too - nice choices. The game really plays as expected and matches my expectations quite well. The tricks are well done and make for a very interesting game.

Overall if I had to say I had a problem it would be with the hit detection. The shapes seem to have outstreched their boundaries in this game.

DIWAKAR responds:


Crappy graphics, and NOT an IQ test

wow the game have the character with doomguy head

DIWAKAR responds:

Yeah thanx

Why in the flying fuck does the guy slide around so much...

Well, you could have done better...

But all in all it was kinda okay. A platformer that tricks you constantly with traps and out-of-the-box puzzles. Kind of like "I Wanna Be the Guy", but this is just not that well made.

Just try a little harder with your upcoming work.