Reviews for "Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil"

Just finished the game, it's pretty bad, there's nothing of thinking to be done in this game, it's just trial and error, it has annoying controls, unfitting music, and the "IQ" score is completely useless.

annoying game, inaccuracy control. And this IQ Score is a Joke!

Does anyone know how to get past level 4? I looked at the walkthrough, but it was no help. I know you have to knock 3 invisible blocks, and not the box that says "NEW POWER KNOCK ME TO KNOW WHERE THE TRAPS ARE" I just can't seem to jump far enough to get to the next platform.

DIWAKAR responds:

as soon as you touch the box saying new powers jump to he platfrorm and then
the next platform form will move ahead jump little further

Well, it has the Syobo Action spirit to hide unavoidable traps everywhere that the player has to trip in order to know where it is. It was funny the first time it was done, but it doesn't make for an enjoyable game if you continuously punish the player for things he can't control.

The main character looks dumb, but his sprite is at least detailed, as for the music, I love it, it's so intrincate and fun.

The gameplay, like I said before, is one of those frustrating platformers with hidden traps like Cat Mario, The Unfair Platformer, etc. in which there's not a way in hell to know where a trap will appear until you trigger it. The controls are more slippery than they had any right to be, sometimes you're trying to stand on a narrow platform, but you slide out of it to your death, and the stage design is a pain in the butt, and it doesn't help that the game mocks you for losing.

In the end, though, it's that kind of game that pisses you off just enough that you want to keep trying, and for that, I believe it deserves at least a 2.5 score.

Well, you certainly knew how to make me feel stupid. It is a shame that I couldn't get that far. Last time I checked, this guy still has more reviews than me. I knew someone that popular would get featured in a front page thing of some kind! A pity it isn't that good of a game. I do appreciate how unique it is.

I like to see Cyberdevil as myself. It's just that I'm so used to seeing that avatar everywhere I go. You should all know that I review a lot. I managed to get an IQ of -100 last time I went there. Below about 10 is a vegetable. I guess a negative number is doing the opposite of something, beyond nothing.