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Reviews for "Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil"

This game is annoying. Not challenging or rewarding, just annoying. The controls are very slippery, and poor game design was used. If you make a sequel, improve the controls.

The walkthrough button did not work for me. When I clicked it, I was at a second copy of this game. Was that done on purpose, or actually a bug?

The controls are far too awkward. The jump seems to just jerk about randomly and its more a memory test than any real intelligence test. Not fun.

Just finished the game, it's pretty bad, there's nothing of thinking to be done in this game, it's just trial and error, it has annoying controls, unfitting music, and the "IQ" score is completely useless.

annoying game, inaccuracy control. And this IQ Score is a Joke!

Does anyone know how to get past level 4? I looked at the walkthrough, but it was no help. I know you have to knock 3 invisible blocks, and not the box that says "NEW POWER KNOCK ME TO KNOW WHERE THE TRAPS ARE" I just can't seem to jump far enough to get to the next platform.

DIWAKAR responds:

as soon as you touch the box saying new powers jump to he platfrorm and then
the next platform form will move ahead jump little further