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Reviews for "Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil"

Sound & music used are annoying, though at least if I'm loading multiple flash games I'd know which one is gonna be playing music in the background when the voice comes out.

Gameplay-wise, the controls were slippery and unrefined. Not sure if trolling or serious when you claim it to be an IQ test; while it is possible to guess the obstacles by simply being skeptical of the rewards, at the end of the day its no different from deliberately unfair platformer games in that its a game of memorization and testing your ability to handle the controls.

Straight up annoying/insulting, neither humorous nor fun.

Interesting idea. Kind Doom + Mario, that's nice,but eh... hard to play 0_o

DIWAKAR responds:

Yup thus its IQ Game

mad me angry at first, then I kept wanting to prove the maker of the game wrong...sigh

Decent concept, but unplayable.

The game is ok. but the worst thing for me was the physics. he could't stand still.