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Reviews for "Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil"

You can have a clever game that insults you, warps the conventional platformer by making background items kill you and have a funny and ironically difficult game, but YOU CANNOT MAKE POOR CONTROLS AND CALL THAT PART OF THE CHALLENGE. Its lazy fucking design.

Challenge accepted and completed! \o/

This is a completely broken and bad game.
The controls are terrible, the graphics aren't really any good. The general game is just a "Make a mistake which you have no way to know about, go again avoiding the mistake, make another mistake later,/repeat/" fest which isn't exactly interesting in any way. Also the point system mainly just gives or takes 50 points for each mistake you make which (as a few people have stated already) may have not even been your fault.
Other than all of this it lacks anything else. You just play because some game character "challenges" you to play a single player game as the game makes fun of you after each death due to things which you couldn't possibly know about? Just nothing more to it than all that is bad.

Despite it all, the soundtrack wasn't all that bad but this is a game review, not a soundtrack review. The soundtrack itself would get a good mark but here it's like a child's balloon lifting an oversized anvil.
Final Verdict: 0/5

Controls are bad, and it defeats the purpouse, game is ass because of bad controls and it calls you stupid even if it wasn't your fault. It is a bad and insulting game. half a star for trying.

Controls like ass and I'm amazed that there is still a demand for Kaizo games...like seriously?