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Reviews for "Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil"

It's actually pretty fun, the control was fine i've seen way worse than this. The puzzles were clever and it was a good challenge.

i never thought i would say this one day but: The youth of today has no respect for the work of the elders (here ID´s D00M) - no really, there might be some weird kind of creativity behind this, but at least it should have a bit more playabillity and some more intelligent aesthetics (xcuse me english)

DIWAKAR responds:

Sorry about that but i will make CD and all the reviewers with next game


IQ? Yeah, that's exactly what this game uses

this game is really just below average in every way
the control is loose and the game play is just horrible
I understand the them to make people feel stupid but when there is NO way to figure the problem out without failing the first time it is not low"IQ" so the joke just falls flat

Alright, I played through this GOD-AWFUL game and hated every second of it, but that's not what I'm here for. To everyone confused by the jumping puzzle: The counter goes from 9 to 11. It skips ten. You have to jump until the counter hits 24, or count yourself to 23. Once you've hit 24 (which is actually 23) you touch the flag and move on. (I swear, I created an account after playing this "game" to post this bit of walkthrough. I hope you're all happy, making me sit through this.) And for the creator: Next time you make a platforming game, don't put so much... glide into it. There's a difference between momentum and floating, and this is floating. The puzzles are... fine, I guess, but the controls kill it. If you want to make another game like this one, try playing "The Unfair Platformer" first. Then emulate that. Good game: Created.