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Reviews for "Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil"

this game doesn't do me a justice but u wanna know something the i don't like the game but it could be better if doom guy wasn't so slippery and the game is a constant troll so why put damn I Q in the game its a bull shit idea and you need to think before posting a troll game the traps are to surprise you not be in the obvious and everywhere. oh yea could you make doom guy jump lower so the game dosen't fuck with u to do what u want the player to do.

This game was very cool and the puzzles were not cheap at all, you told us from the first level that the bushes where evil and kept your word for the whole game, unlike some other games where they change the rules on the fly just for the lulz random.

There is one petition for a sequel that I will totally play if you make it; tighter controls.

Thanks for the game keep up the good work

Oh, another one of THOSE games. Yeah, I don't think someone who says "Jump exactly 23 time" or "My head's paining" is qualified to tell me I have an IQ of negative 400 something.

7777777.... Duke? DUKE? You think that's Duke Nukum? Oh that's sad. That's the frigging Doom guy! Everyone knows that! What the hell. And it's ID software, not 3d realms.

Greigh you have to jump 24 times. It's a stupid trolling game, remember that. Not even to the level of the "I wanna be the" series or cat mario. I think whoever made this was thinking that "go" meant jump again. So jump 23 times and go would mean jump 23 times and then jump a 24th time and land on the flag.

DIWAKAR responds:

The jump counter skips from 9 to 11 Thus its 24

thats cool

Fun game, good job