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Reviews for "FlapBound"

It's odd that two of the most heavily parodied video games, Flappy Bird & Earthbound, would not only come together to make something that would have the word "inventive" even cross my mind, but also be the only game or movie in the parody genre to do so in 2014. Fantastic music, graphics and even game play that steps outside of the traditional flappy formula.

Flapbound Mobile?

Kcori responds:

I appreciate the interest but I'd have to pay subscription fees for mobile stores, and I don't want to monetize this game because I don't think it's right to make money off of clones or fangames.

How this is blended with Earthbound makes this give it a 5. Maybe I could give it 9999999, but I'll give it 5 for now. Great job! 5/5

This Game Is The Best Of All Flappy Bird Games

the graphics are so nice and gaming

EPIC! but... His Name is Ness not Nuss