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Reviews for "FlapBound"

very fun and rageful game.

Earthbound will NEVER be the same again.

So addictive and fun, and definitely the best Flappy Bird parody out there. Taking elements from probably the most simple game I've ever played on the App Store and combining them with a game as memorable as Earthbound, you've managed to leave me addicted. Heck, my best score on FlapBound is 106. I certainly didn't have the motivation to get higher than 20 on the original Flappy Bird.

song name? gameboy-nostalgia.

Kcori responds:

Every song in this game is a remix I made of an EarthBound tune.

I. Love. Earthbound.

I. Hate. Flappybird.

love the music, love the items, LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!