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Reviews for "FlapBound"

This is a great take on the Flappy Bird game genre. The graphics are great and with the music definitely brings the Earthbound feel of the game to a fullness. Of course, I am not the best at Flappy Bird, but as a developer myself, I can easily say that this game truly shows what you are capable of creating. Keep up the good work!

Let me start off by saying that I didnt play Earthbound as a kid.
Since I grew up with the Playstation, I didn't really know Earthbound until the internet gave me this information about this amazing game.
Well, I kinda played Earthbound, but didn't finish it cuz the Emulator screwed up without able to save the game or a save state so I got unmotivated to finish it. And I kinda dislike turn based combat.

So, THIS GAME. A mix between flappybird, which I also got addicted into, and Earthbound.
I love this this version of yours more than the others because it actually feels as good as the mobile game.

Cons, though, is that the inifnite well(?) stage and the stage where there are seizure inducing green stuff makes my game lag the heck up. Making it unplayable on those stages.

And why I hate this more is that I GOT A SCORE OF 169 AND I SOMEHOW DIDNT GET TO BE IN THE LEADERBOARDS! ;_;
Proof of my score on my newspost.

Still, as great as flappybird. :3

Kcori responds:

Sorry about your score not being posted! Did you hit the submit score button?

Best Flappy Bird clone out there. In fact, it's better than the original. There are levels, music and obstacles all based on EarthBound, unlike the original's very bland aesthetics. Heck, Nuss even sports Ness' cap. So overall, this greatly improves on the original Flappy Bird, and is an excellent homage to possibly my favourite RPG. I'm not giving my last half star because once you've unlocked the fifth level, that's it. I was hoping for a Winters level where you play as Jeff (or more appropriately: Juff), a Moonside level, and a Magicant level. Alas, I was left disappointed on that front. Still, it was a hell of a lot of fun whilst it lasted, good job. (Note: If more levels are added in future updates, I apologise for the criticism there)

If Flappy Bird and Earthbound had a baby, this is definitely what it should look like. The background graphics are amazing and the music is good on all the levels. Adding bonus levels as presents was cool, and pencils/pencil erasers were a great add-on the mechanics of Flappy Bird. My only complaint was that no other levels had the level of detail as did Onett. Why doesn't Saturnville have a hotsprings? This no Kay-O!

Really, though, this was cool, albeit short. 4 stars.

This is actually a really sweet take on Flappy Bird.
Props for making such an awesome Earthbound themed game.
It makes me want to go play it again on the SNES, well done :D
Keep up the great work!