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Reviews for "FlapBound"

If Flappy Bird and Earthbound had a baby, this is definitely what it should look like. The background graphics are amazing and the music is good on all the levels. Adding bonus levels as presents was cool, and pencils/pencil erasers were a great add-on the mechanics of Flappy Bird. My only complaint was that no other levels had the level of detail as did Onett. Why doesn't Saturnville have a hotsprings? This no Kay-O!

Really, though, this was cool, albeit short. 4 stars.

This is actually a really sweet take on Flappy Bird.
Props for making such an awesome Earthbound themed game.
It makes me want to go play it again on the SNES, well done :D
Keep up the great work!

Nice game. Nothing too impressive, but having Ness's head flying around is pretty fun.
I wish I could have a ticket to Technology.

I really enjoyed the game a lot. This is a very creative mash-up between Flappy Bird and Earthbound. The only issue I found was the recurring waves of lag which were really overwhelming at some points.
Music: awesome (great job with these remixes!)
Gameplay: good.
Difficulty: It was hard, but not as hard as the original due to the fact that the houses had slanted edges which made it easier to maneuver.
Overall I think 4/5 stars. Keep it up and good luck in the future!!

(regarding the lag issue: I played in Chrome (v.33) and Firefox (v.27) and experienced lag in both. A lot less in Firefox, In chrome I couldn't even play at 1tt without lag in every flap. I found 4 levels/maps And the laggiest was Tech, Followed by Peach. I'm using a Windows 7 Starter Laptop [dunno if this info helps at all])

I don't give a rip about flappy bird, but i played this just to see how deep into earthbound it referenced. As soon as i saw "lost all motivation in battle" I had to definitely comment on how cool this was