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Reviews for "FlapBound"

This is pretty great, hard, rage inducing but fun

The game are great,challenging and addicting and it perfectly suits Earthbound theme to it but like other people said,

some of the game levels are a bit laggy and hard to play because of wild moving backgrounds so i hope its fixed OR make it like, another type of difficulty.

And, if can, you could added some more entertainment to the game like, make another type of character like, the white dog (i forgot its name) or Lucas from Mother 3.

So, for the rating, its 4.5 stars to me because (another problem) the levels are at random, so its kinda annoying due to some levels are lagging and a lot of stress from failing a lot of times playing adds a lot to it.

And for the last review, this game could become popular if added to Google Play or iStore BUT, the words that came out from the founder of Flappy Birds stated that his game have become a problem to the world because of massive addiction to the game but was intended to ONLY play when relaxed. So he removed the game. So keep in mind just for that.

But overall, great game and don't give up. : )

Amazing parody mashup, so fun, and so satisfying in many ways! :)

First of all, the Earthbound inspired graphics and music are nostalgic and amazing, really involving and enthralling. Good stuff. I also like how the messages that pop up (when you knock down a present, gain a point, erase a pencil statue or die) are inspired by Earthbound's battle system messages. Some sceneries (like Technology and that other one) give me a bit of an eye sore, but they are also cool.

Also, the gameplay is the best Flappy Bird parody I've seen so far. First of all, it's got more of an objective than Flappy Bird, with the present collection feature being more or less a quest element added into the mix, leading us to many different places, all inspired by Earthbound sceneries, but with the same core gameplay. Also, there's also the pencil statues and the erasers, making it so that the in-game features themselves are different from those of Flappy Bird.

Another thing I like is that, for some reason, this game manages to be a lot less frustrating than Flappy Bird. I can't tell if the flapping is smoother or the gaps are larger, but most of the time, this game felt a lot more forgiving, and therefore less enraging, than Flappy Bird.

I tend to hate Flappy Bird and anything related to it, there's just nothing in it for me, but this game is the exception. This game is enjoyable, satisfying, nostalgic and addicting.

Damn I suck at flappybird... But I'm not going to rate the game badly just because /I/ suck.

5 seconds into playing I thought "Its just flappybird with a flying Ness head and EarthBound music." Then I saw the pop-ups at the bottom exactly like the game and I was like "INSTANT 4 STARS".

Despite its difficulty, this game is very good. 4.5 stars!

Best Flappy Bird clone out there. In fact, it's better than the original. There are levels, music and obstacles all based on EarthBound, unlike the original's very bland aesthetics. Heck, Nuss even sports Ness' cap. So overall, this greatly improves on the original Flappy Bird, and is an excellent homage to possibly my favourite RPG. I'm not giving my last half star because once you've unlocked the fifth level, that's it. I was hoping for a Winters level where you play as Jeff (or more appropriately: Juff), a Moonside level, and a Magicant level. Alas, I was left disappointed on that front. Still, it was a hell of a lot of fun whilst it lasted, good job. (Note: If more levels are added in future updates, I apologise for the criticism there)