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Reviews for "FlapBound"

I see everything is remix too and there should be at least be a mute button and a hard mode. :D

Kcori responds:

The M key will mute the music.

I'm pulled in polar opposite ways about this one. On the one hand, it's based on the best SNES game ever made, and on the other hand, it's another copy of the worst game of 2014.

This isn't even just a Flappy Bird clone with Earthbound sprites slapped into it, evident with the pencil eraser. Someone who truly enjoyed Earthbound made this game. That much is clear.

Oh my god, I have to over look the Flappy Bird part and give this game 5 stars, simply because so much time was spent to make it like Earthbound.

to be honest, this is one of the way better flappy bird clones. having earthbound in it just made it that more enjoyable!

but the decapitated flappy ness head may be a tiny bit too much on the creepy side.

This is pretty great, hard, rage inducing but fun

Looks like there are five stages.
Stage 2 is unlocked by the present at 10 points.
Stage 3 is unlocked by the present at 20 points.
Stage 4 is unlocked by the present at 35 points.
Stage 5 is unlocked by the present at 60 points.
But you can only get one present per run, so if you're just going for all the stages, you may as well die as soon as you collect the present (unless you wanna see the whole background scroll by on stage 1).

zomgsupersack, I would say there's another important difference. This game is much easier than Flappy Bird because the walls are pointy instead of flat.