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Reviews for "FlapBound"

I just have one suggestion. Whoever attempts this game should get a free bag of top-shelf weed because the only way this would be fun is if I was high as hell. F.U for wasting my time!

Ok, so I LOVE Earthbound and the rest of the Mother series but I honestly can't find myself to like this game.

So the music and graphics look great as everything is spot on with the similarities to Earthbound visually. Even the menus and the gifts as well as the trippy background.

But the controls are a mess. Like Nuss is really heavy and feels like just drops faster than the actual Flappy Bird. The hit detection and the interaction is terrible as there were times when I was passing through the houses and I barely hit a house and I still die. Plus it does lag quite often too which adds more to the frustration.

Overall this is a great attempt but a lot could be improved.

I don't understand the coolness of flappy bird. Why everyone obsessed with it?

I'm getting real sick of this flappy bird bullshit, this was just a reskin of an already crappy game.

No matter how well one paint shit gold, it's still shit in the inside.