Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

recharge bug: i have only one spell boon so my sea of fire should recharge and be rady after 108 thougth after around 60 it works again

(otherwise nice game :3)

a little difficult but its really cool i like the art and amimation, keep at it

Really, really want to rate it higher but despite the fact that it saves in-game just fine, when I close and re-load it forgets my saves completely (saves on other games work just fine). As a result I've not been able to progress far with this game. I would give it a 4 if that weren't an issue, perhaps higher if it showed even greater promise in later levels. I hope this gets fixed, it looks good.

nothing in the talent tree works I can't buy anything and I can't use anything!

different spin on TD games which was cool. didnt mind the cartoony feel either. definitely a lilttle confusing to figure out how to use the special powers at first