Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

Stuck at level three; I kill the last enemies in wave 5 but it never says wave completed and its just stuck at the guy firing arrows but no enemies to fire at.

wow before i played the game i tough it was awsome lol is there a minecraft nether portal there??????!!!!!! :D

Didn't really add any thing new and I would prefer to play a more engaging defence game but it was still quite fun to progress but it just doesn't have any substance.

my ice blast spell does not seem to be working when i target it near my tower....
this then results in me being unable to get past the 2nd level...

There's this annoying bug when you earn the 500 free golds for liking the swartag's fb page, the game crash and i have to refresh the page everytime!

it also poops up the fb page when you click on the "x" button