Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

This is a really good basic game. Upgrades were nice and balanced and everything was really satisfying. There's a small problem, as there are with all side scrollers in which you can go up and down, and that's depth perception. More than once I had a problem where I would try and freeze blast someone to knock them back or try to poison them with that hand spell and I would miss them entirely and that got a bit frustrating in the slower spell recovery parts, but these are all nitpicks on an otherwise sterling game!

Nice game but the battlefield is a little short. Easily completed if you bother to read the tech tree. 9/10.

Done! maxed medals!
I don't like the auto fire
GG overall

I reseted my talent points and rearranged them, now I have no spells equipped. And I did upgrade my spells in the process.
The game however is quite short and I don't like that the game pauses when you level up. You should also be able to pause with Esc and access the skill tree.

I thought it was a good game overall. some thing that I didn't like was the leveling. the game wouldn't let you play if you had any extra skill points from a level, so it killed the flow of the game,.