Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

Nice game but the battlefield is a little short. Easily completed if you bother to read the tech tree. 9/10.

it makes a lot of fun, thx.

I thought it was a good game overall. some thing that I didn't like was the leveling. the game wouldn't let you play if you had any extra skill points from a level, so it killed the flow of the game,.

Really is a good game fun despite how repetitive it is. but i ran into a major problem. At LvL 3 wave 5 there was one monster left and i almost had it killed but it just disappeared and i couldint do anything else. oh and the monster was a mole...i think it was the one tht throws rocks at you. other than that though it is pretty good.

JWolfGames responds:

Apologies about that! A bug snuck through somehow on my creep list and it was registering some invalid enemies there. New build has been uploaded. Refresh! Oh, you also may need to clear your browser cache to properly view it here on Newgrounds.

recharge bug: i have only one spell boon so my sea of fire should recharge and be rady after 108 thougth after around 60 it works again

(otherwise nice game :3)