Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

This is really a great game. Great art, Great animation and Great music. Even after completing the campaign, the endless mode makes me continue to play and lvl up.

I would have rated it 5 star if not for my saved game being deleted. Hope this could be fix.

Normal mode is WAY too hard. I dont want to have to farm the first area for hours. Plus the auto fire is really irritating.

Although you're TECHNICALLY defending a tower, this is NOT a Tower Defence game. TD's are generally about protecting a path using towers, not protecting a tower using a character. This would be more in the In-Line Shooter genre.

That, along with rather poor graphics, clunky controls and an in-game shop that just screams for you to use real money makes this one of the worst games published in the TD section of NG... ever!

Seems like a great game but every time is goes to the saving screen it locks up and I cannot get past the 1st world.

cant play so no stars