Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

I don't know if it was done on purpose, but sometimes the game would keep opening a new tab with this swartag website every time I clicked in the game's screen. Pretty annoying. If it is was an aggressive advertising method, I'd give the game a low rating because that's despicable. As I cannot know if it was made on purpose, I'll just give it four stars and get out of here. It's a good piece of work, nonetheless.

Cool game! I love the spells and skills although I wish I could see the health of the small monsters lke a bar on their heads :)

Dont think i didnt notice the music on the intro from that other game, Epic War!

JWolfGames responds:

The music is stock! Therefore, anyone can purchase it from the creator and use it in creative works! Unfortunately, the music we chose happened to be in another very popular flash game! Haha :D

You can get free gold without even having twitter facebook or that other one! you just have to click the and it gives you free gold!

this game is so much fun! i love everything about it.
the smoothness is very nice, and don't get me wrong the game gets a little harder.
its hard for me not to hit the sheep's x)