Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

Nice game. But there`s a game breaking bug for me on world 3.
I can't complete it. When i finish wave 5, the guy just stands there firing arrows at nothing. No more monsters, nothing more to do. I believe it's related to the "Burrower" (mole guy). He just goes underneath the earth, sometimes dead, sometimes not dead. When he goes under alive, he never comes back, i already tried killing it first, and already tried leaving him for last, nothing works. Have tried this stage five times already, the same thing happened on all my runs. I tried leaving the game running, and watching it for over 5 minutes, just nothing happens, the sentry just stays there, alone, firing arrows at nothing =/

Addictive and challenging gameplay, very well crafted mechanics. An excellent game overall, and one of the best tower defense games I've played.

Awesome! I love these graphics, and it was challenging enough to have to replay some missions while not too difficult to be frustrating. The Jan 14th update fixed several things I wanted to complain about. The main remaining one is why the monsters in Endless Mode are so much stronger... especially the damn goblin bombers :\
Well, the upgrades could've been more varied instead of two columns out of four being identical for the three trees (I mean the arrow and spell upgrades). And a highly damaging single-target spell would've been welcome - of course, not strong enough to make much change against bosses.

It's good in all ways i just don't really liked that we can't control the arrow shooting.

Fantastic! Very good work on the game. Two things bother me though. The first is that if I have spells on cooldown I can't easily swap to the ones still functional. It really kills the rythm for me if I have to go to the pause menu to swap spells and return to the game. The other, is that when I get a talent point the game pauses to inform me of it. This is also a bit annoying. Other than that, the game is excellent. Very good!