Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

This is a real damn nice defense game. Thumbs up for the nice work.

There is only one thing: i maxed everything out, leveld up and... therefore can't spend any further points - the game will not resume.

Up to that, really fun to play!

JWolfGames responds:

MisterMoe, first of all, thank you very much! Secondly, I've sent you a private message to gather some more information about this issue. Please get back to me when you can!

Game glitched on me. Every time I died, it gave me 200% the skill points that I had already acquired. Now I can't even play because the "unspent talent points" message won't go away.

Let me know when you fix this... was really enjoying it!

JWolfGames responds:

Apologies! Fix one bug, another one pops up, unfortunately. Clear your browser cache and refresh, all should be okay now!

Click play and it does nothing useless.

JWolfGames responds:

Sorry about that! Was in the process of uploading a new build to fix a few small issues and I uploaded a wrong version! Clear your browser's cache and refresh - all should be well now!

This game is quite good. I enjoy playing it. I'm not sure how well the balance scales; I had to grind a bit to beat the third level and the last two levels seem very difficult due to the level cap. I still enjoyed it though!

JWolfGames responds:


We're currently working on a new build that addresses the level cap! We're increasing it a bit and we're also going to be unrestricting the talent tree skill point allocation, so players can spend their points wherever and however they like!

Thanks for your time and review!
- Justin

Great game but the "X" button needs to be moved. Too easy to hit walk-through and more games buttons.

Also might want to consider weak spots, head shots and the like, for a sequel.