Reviews for "The Forgotten Legion"



A great flash animation!
5 Stars to you, I watched this in Stickpage too.
More like Castle but its in space, more like MIB but only the lizard, more like Dead Space, of the start...
Great dark feeling, nice space, fantastic graphics, voice acting, come on! ;D.

What is it to hate in this animation? NOTHING!
Its too bad that Ash? maybe? died... OH ASHTON! RIGHT, I can't believe he died... I hardly know the storyline of him and yet he's my type of character...

Music was a great choice, sound design is absolutely BRILLIANT! and the use of SFX :D

Can't wait for Episode 2, I'm eager to see the next one... Can't wait to see more SUSPENSE :D


Castle Series... IN SPACE

I love this film the graphics are fantastic but the mouth moving is a little bit off for the character.The giant buff lizards took me by suprise i was expecting apes or gorillas but wow just wow i have probably only seen 1 other movie with this high level of graphics and voices.All my 5 stars go to this video please make more can not wait.