Reviews for "The Forgotten Legion"

Brilliant! A top-class stick warfire combat animation!

Somehow it reminds me of the old successful Castle and Castle Repercussions series by Oscar Johansson. This has really feed me up with those memories as I see another awesome tribute looking movie. Can't wait to see more, awesome job!

This movie was just a thing wich made my day totaly , I loved the graphics and storyline , its just awesome to look , u can just see all the hard work wich got into this by looking at its graphics and stuff. I love it , 5 stars for you

This is amazing! I wonder what those creatures our heroes where fighting. They look like a race of lizards or something. I'm looking forward to see episode 2 when it come's out.

Epic score, X ray dog, immediate music ;) nice

Holy mother of god, this was AWESOME. It had really good quality, didn't lack it at all, the sound guality was great, the quality of the sound effects were great, and so was the animation itself, this is the best thing I've seen in quite awhile. I loved it.