Reviews for "The Forgotten Legion"

its nice to see some stick figure movies back on ng people act like their real crappy but some of the most cinematic flash movies ive seen are stick figure movies. when you make on its not about how it looks so much but how you make if feel creating suspense and intensity. well done very excited to see more

i like its not just are "Stupid" stickmen, and i like all the details on them, the story and the animation is great. i couldent do it better than myself (Actully i cant draw or animate, making a story is Medium hard for me and voice acting? pretty easy for me

wow most detailed stick figure action ive ever seen really looking forward to a sequal and very good voicing and animation but I have to askwhere did you get the plot for this it seems familiar yet totally new its pretty awesome and personaly very good work and nice monster scene too very detailed

Exetremely impressive flash related skill and design, amazing animations and lively characters, however it is littered by unoriginality and 'hollywood' style concepts.

Positives -
* A well engineered graphics style with a crisp edge
*Lively movements and expressions
*Realistic animations and well done stances
* A interesting theme with a edge of horror and gore
* Long duration with top quality for flash

*Unoriginal story, characters and weaponry, I think we all have seen a boarding party get killed by a infection or creature on a abandoned space station. The characters have no character development whatsoever, you have the generic cannon fodder, the random guys, you have the cocky, but experienced sergant, the intelligent and quiet technician, etc, etc.
*Hollywood style enviourment and assets. The entire story screams hollywood due to it being very quick, action-packed and not accounting for anything really, I saw about 5 guys die in the fight scene and they didn't have that many guys even board the station, nor does ANYONE in any type of military fire outside of any sort of cover or they take a tactical stance, only in the movies do they shoot like idiots, mate.
*Obvious tugging of story. You can easily tell what is about to happen before it even happens which is the absolute worst thing you want the audience to be able to do, and please whatever you do, DO NOT have a scene where the soldiers view a clip where it shows the enemy off because it completely kills the tension since you then know that they're are going to get attacked soon after.

Rating -
Overall quality: 5
Music and sound: 5
Originality & Assets: 3.5
Storyline: 3
Personal Opinion: 4

Reminded me of DOOM and Starcraft. Perhaps the most polished stick figure action/drama I've seen.