Reviews for "The Forgotten Legion"

This reminds me of this other series called castle.

Ashton, NOOO.
I loved this one, the action, the suspense, the characters, everything its awesome!

Very good! It's nice to see a good stick movie, they seem to be in short order nowadays.

Reminds me a lot of the Castle series. Anyone interested in this should definitely look it up! :D

This was good, but that's expected with a 2 year making off. But what I really liked was the voice-acting what most stickfigure movies lack, and the awesome sounds and surroundings you get. Hopefully the story gets progressed more in the second, because it misses it somewhat. You have a discription which explains a lot ofcourse, but it would be fine if that was also told in the story more. Still great work as usual.( I expect nothing less from stickpage. :D) Looking forward for the next episode and please don't take two years again hehe^^ Im still a huge fan of stickmovies so we need more of those. One of the reasons I stay on NG so much in the older days :D