Reviews for "The Forgotten Legion"

this is awesome i cant wait to see what happens next

I enjoyed it...
It's good to see a lengthy animation like this.
The unique characters are good, you could tell who were the main characters and how they differed from each other. You could gather personality just based on how they looked. Which I find impressive.

I have no doubt in my mind that you have taken inspiration from the great Oscar Johansson.
Castle was an amazing series IMO. I watched it progress over the years and get better, and it's weird because I watched them all only the other night too.
But I don't blame you to be honest...

I personally do look forward to seeing more of this.
Shame about the "monsters" only looking like Komodo Dragons though. Not scary enough in my opinion. But I'm hoping these may just be one of the many things the Troops will encounter.

Other things I'd like to say... The Voice Acting was good. It wasn't Great. But it definitely wasn't bad...
I certainly see room for improvement, maybe more enthusiasm and emotion, but I didn't feel like there was none!

Your 3D style animation is amazing though, don't lose that touch.
Plus I love your angles of animation (camera view), I admire your heavy cinematic feeling.

I see more pros than cons with this and I would love to see more.
I would even LOVE to possibly help out with this preferably Voice Acting (if needed).

But regardless, keep up the great work!

Well, this is nice.The animation is fine exept for some "shaky" part here and there.The action could use some improvement - make it longer and more intense(a few bullets, an order and that's it).The story...well, it isn't anything new.The military go to A but A is infested with something/by someone and our guys get screwed and need to get out.We've seen it in si-fi horror films and I'm 90% sure that it was an evil scientist or aliens that started it.I like the music, though the voice acting isn't perfect but at least it's not the worst I've seen.Adding solw-mo is always a nice idea but try to time it better.The lizard coming out - nice but it would be better if it was put when he gets shot.Bullets falling on the ground - not so nice because it's pointless and for me it felt like slowing the action without any real purpose.Also, why did Ashton kill himself?The enemies were far and he was so close to the door, yet he stays and dies.this kind of yur-over(or whatever term is used in english) is best applied when you have developed the characters.The opening episode isn't the best place to do it, unless there is some sort of deep connection between the chars. and there was no such connection here(at least not a visible one).The weapon design wasn't incredibly amazing but it isn't such a collossal mistake.The 2nd part needs to have more action.One mistake that you do NOT want to make is go all the way with cliches.And please, add it here on NG because I actually hate facebook(yes, I do - it's pointless and my e-mail is full of useless stuff by that damn site).

Specked responds:

Awesome review very helpful, I'll be sure to make a page here on new grounds, I never even thought about doing that.

great movie man, keep up the good work!

I love these kind of stick movie BUT I HATE THOSE KILLERS ;(